PR and Social Media

Effective PR should be strategic and highly targeted; almost everyone has something to say or a story to tell, the challenging part is making sure your message cuts through the noise to be heard, understood and remembered by the right people.

With a focus beyond issuing endless press releases, Emma positions businesses as leaders in their field; trailblazers, innovators - whatever the brief.

Whether securing opinion pieces in industry titles, guest blogs, radio or television interviews, national coverage or podcast slots, Emma will use a range of PR tactics to deliver results.

The very first action will be to devise a smart, result- focused strategy, using a number of measurement tools to assess effectiveness and guarantee ROI as activity progresses.

Property PR

With more than 12 years' experience, Emma has handled a wide range of property PR briefs, working with property agents, architects, interior designers, land promoters, planning consultants and developers. Her clients value her in-depth expertise of the property industry, which is reflected in the results she delivers. 

Professional Services PR 

Emma benefits from extensive experience handling professional services PR briefs, including private equity, alternative finance, law, accountancy, banking and corporate finance - her understanding of the market and industry is invaluable to clients who value her knowledge, media contacts and her grasp of the landscape, all of which help her to provide outstanding advice and support that makes a difference. 

Social media

Whatever your opinion on social media, its importance shouldn't be underestimated - it's a valuable part of any communications strategy.

Content inevitably varies between channels - what is appropriate for one is often unsuitable for another, while not all social media channels will be useful for every business.

What is important is avoiding the temptation to broadcast from social channels and instead focusing on engagement - have a conversation with followers and build a community that will eventually allow you to take the conversation offline, into the 'real world' and translate into sales. Authenticity, engagement and relevant content will give your business a solid base to build a community and achieve your objectives, whether to improve brand awareness, promote a product or service, or simply to inform.

Emma can manage all social channels for your business. She will deliver an effective social media campaign, managing all measurement and analytics.


The ability to create and continue delivering stand-out copy is essential - as well as framing a narrative, it must be authentic and interesting, while at the same time achieve its objective of being informative. It must give a business' target audience something that is relevant, interesting, useful or which helps to solve a problem.

Whether that means blogs, a website, white paper, a newsletter or magazine, research, emailer or simply editing, Emma will make sure your marketing material stands out for all the right reasons.

Content marketing and content creation

Content marketing is the cornerstone of any successful PR and marketing strategy. For consumer brands, great content is crucial to foster a loyal following and build an army of brand advocates. For a B2B brand, the same principle applies; potential clients and customers are looking to your company and brand to provide information that is engaging.

Whether blogs, articles, white papers, newsletters, magazines, e-books or press releases, content should be searchable and shareable. It is a means to cement your position in the marketplace, while supporting SEO and driving inbound sales leads. Emma will work with you to create a content marketing strategy for your business, whether producing all of your copy, or elements of it, and measuring success.

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