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Could a bloodline will protect your assets?

Could a Bloodline Will protect your assets?

Check out the latest article for Farmers Guardian from Elaine Roche, Partner at JMW Solicitors.

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How to divorce-proof your marriage - Catherine Thomas, Partner at JMW Solicitors, speaks to the Daily Mail

Partner and co-head of JMW Solicitors’ London office, and one of the UK’s leading divorce lawyers, Catherine Thomas spoke to the Daily Mail’s Femail team, offering her advice on how to divorce-proof your marriage.

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Elaine Roche, Partner at JMW Solicitors, is again quoted in The Sunday Times on LPA abuse

Elaine Roche, Partner at JMW, was again quoted in The Sunday Times ‘Money’ supplement, advising on Legal Power of Attorney.

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The Sunday Times speaks to JMW Solicitors about care funding

The Sunday Times spoke to JMW Solicitors’ Elaine Roche about care funding and councils flouting their own rules

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