JMW Solicitors represents groom in case against TUI after he fell from a landing wall on the eve of his wedding - making the 2,400 mile journey back to the UK by BUS

Jordan Burrows has flown out to Crete, Greece, for the trip of a lifetime. Surrounded by friends and family, he was looking forward to marrying his girlfriend, Chloe. However, events took a dramatic turn when Jordan tumbled from a knee-height landing wall on the eve of his wedding, sustaining serious injuries. He spent a week in hospital, but his ordeal was just beginning - TUI and his insurance company failed to offer assistance because he’d consumed alcohol on the day of the accident, forcing Jordan and his mother to make a gruelling 2,400 MILE journey back to the UK by BUS.

Joanne Brine, Partner at JMW Solicitors, is representing Jordan in his case against TUI.

Emma McCallum