Perq Studio to reimagine brands for a digital age

London this week sees the launch of new brand and design consultancy, Perq Studio, created to guide brands through an evolutionary process, sculpting a compelling customer journey, eliminating siloed functions and ‘reimagining’ brands that are truly customer first for a digital age.

Founded by Laura Giffard, Perq Studio launches with clients including Bliss, H. Bronnley & Co. and Solomon & Wu.

Laura said: “Brands must seek to be customer first for the digital age we operate in, embracing a human-to-human approach, forgetting tired categorisations and eliminating siloed channel thinking. It’s time to acknowledge the ongoing transformation in the way we consume media, the unavoidable crossover of messages on multiple channels and the impact of continuous advancements in technology. We look forward to working with brands to create better businesses that are fit for the future.”

With a brand beacon of ‘do it well’, Perq Studio has also committed to championing better business practices right across its interactions and operations. Vowing to set the standard within the industry the consultancy is driven by a desire to ensure its contribution to the world is positive.

Prior to founding Perq Studio, Laura held senior roles at Parker Williams, Beyond Communications and Earnest, developing strategy and delivering brand, design and marketing solutions for the likes of Google, Sanctuary Spa, Kaspersky Lab, British Heart Foundation, L’Oréal and Ellandi.